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French countryside : Auvergne and Burgundy



14 août 2017
Édition 2017, Numéro 9

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A tour of Paris without the Eiffel Tower is never a tour of Paris. That’s why we recommend you to book very early tickets to the Eiffel Tower in order to skip the line !!


In a day you can also have a nice activity to discover the center Vulcania dedicated to the region and also giving information about volcanoes in the world

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the French region of the volcanoes

Auvergne is a region situated in the center of France
Hiking in this nature is very pleasant. The region is famous for its dormant volcanoes that you can visit as well as discover in the center Vulcania.
During the winter, you have also the possibility to sky in there mountains where the station are very simple, small and pleasant for the family.

You can contact the tourism office to book and rent a house or to find a very nice hotel in that region of France.

You will enjoy also very much the food of the mountain and the typical production of cheese.



The typical cows: salers

The cows are able to walk in the mountain with no risk ; they are used for their meat as well as for their milk to produce the famous cheese Cantal & Salers


It is impossible not to include in the French gastronomy the wine. You can make reservation and spend 3 days outside Paris in the burgundy region with you driver/guide who will make you discover this very rich area of France.

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